We're featured in the New York Times as one of the best things to do in Siem Reap. Read the article — "36 Hours in Siem Reap" — and see us in the accompanying video!


Cambodian food, the most overlooked of all Asian cuisines, is largely unknown elsewhere in the world. Yet Cambodia's savory noodle dishes, fresh seafood, and tempting sweets, its street food and classic Khmer recipes, reflect the rich history and culture of this beautiful country. Let an experienced chef who’s cooked at one of Cambodia’s finest restaurants and a writer deeply immersed in local foodways help you explore the delicious nuances of Khmer cuisine. Come on a culinary adventure with Siem Reap Food Tours!

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 Siem Reap Food Tours

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Siem Reap Food Tours provides personal guided morning and evening expeditions for small groups through the heart of Siem Reap. The tours provide a unique opportunity to learn about Cambodian life and culture. You’ll sample authentic Khmer dishes in a variety of off-the-beaten-tourist-path settings, from street-side food stalls to busy local markets. We'll introduce you to popular Khmer market specialties and street snacks, plus a few of Cambodia's exotic tropical fruits.

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Fear Not!

Even the most intrepid travelers may be uncertain how to go about discovering the best things to eat in the Kingdom of Wonder and where to eat them. Siem Reap Food Tours takes the intimidation factor out of adventurous dining in Cambodia's cultural hub. We’ll act as your trusted guide, taking you to our favorite vendors and restaurants. We know the cuisine, we know the country, and from the safety of a friendly tuk tuk we’ll show you why we’ve fallen in love with Cambodia, its people, and its food.

A morning spent navigating the city’s food markets and street food stalls with the Scottish chef Steven Halcrow or the American writer Lina Goldberg, the two behind Siem Reap Food Tours, will vanquish any doubts [about Cambodian food].
— The New York Times, 36 Hours in Siem Reap