Cancellation policy

Tours that are cancelled at least 7 days in advance will not be charged. Tours that are cancelled 72 hours in advance will be billed at 50% of the full tour price. Tours that are cancelled less than 72 hours in advance will be charged at the full, regular price. If we are able to fill the tour slot, Siem Reap Food Tours will waive the cancellation fee.

Guests who do not show up at the designated time for their pickup will be considered no-shows, and the cancellation policy above will apply.

Release of liability

By participating on a tour with Siem Reap Food Tours, all participants agree that they fully understand and accept, without limitation, sole responsibility for all of the risks associated with their participation while on the tour, whether through their own actions or those of any other parties. Furthermore, all participants agree to release Siem Reap Food Tours and any other persons acting through Siem Reap Food Tours from any and all liability and/or claims arising from their participation on the tour.